Spark Template for Headway


Spark is our first template for Headway and is a multi-purpose business theme. It’s available on it’s own, or bundled with our blocks, which are used to create the various page layouts.

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Mobile friendly

Launch looks good regardless of the device it’s being viewed in thanks to the built-in responsive styling.

Adaptive text

Not only does Launch adapt to different devices, but the typography is set automatically scale to the available space.

Shared layouts

Keep your page layouts consistent by using the 10 Shared Layouts that are included with Launch. Simply assign and forget.

Style inheritance

Built for maximum inheritance, so it’s really easy to customize your sites typography and ensures consistent styling through-out your site.

Multiple editions

The Core Edition includes styling for all default Headway layouts and the Bundle Edition includes additional layouts using our Headway blocks.

Typography styles

Make your content easy for your readers to digest using the included typography styling for lists, blockquotes and call-to-actions.

Spark Frontpage Layout
Spark Page Layout
Spark Work Layout
Spark Testimonials Layout
Spark Team Layout
Spark Contact Layout