Impact Template for Headway


Impact is bold business template that can easily be adapted to your needs. The unique blog layout and support for WooCommerce make this a clear choice for your next Headway project.

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Unique blog layout

The home page posts and blog index both have a unique layout (for headway at least) with the titles overlaid on the featured image.

Gravatar support

The blog layouts display the Gravatar for the post author. This can easily be removed if your blog doesn't have multiple authors.

Search toggle

The top header has a search icon that can be used to toggle the display of the search form. Can easily be removed if not needed.

Newsletter signup

The newsletter signup form on demo is added using our free MailChimp plugin. Simply install, add your MailChimp url and you're done.

Blog filters

The blog layouts have custom filters for the blog category and archives, that automatically trigger the post filtering on selection.


Impact is the first of our templates to officially support WooCommerce, meaning Impact looks great when used together with WooCommerce.

Impact Home Layout
Impact Blog Layout
Impact Post Layout
Impage Page Layout
Impact Shop Layout
Impact Contact Layout