Toolkit Plugin for Headway


Toolkit provides you with two essential tools - block search and blocks anywhere.

Blocks Anywhere

One of the most useful tools in Toolkit is the ability to output your Headway blocks, anywhere that support WordPress shortcodes (such as your posts, pages, custom post types, etc).

Live Search

Looking for a way to find your Headway blocks more efficiently? This tool lets you locate and edit any of your Headway blocks from anywhere in the WordPress Admin (using a predefined keyboard shortcut).

Block Index

The Block Index gives you a full listing of every block instance on your Headway site, which can be filtered by block type. Each block instance has a 1-click “Edit in Headway” option and the relevant shortcode.

Clean markup

We are pedantic about clean code and continuously refine our blocks code to ensure they are as lean as possible. Clean, semantic markup means Search Engines will love your features content!

Built for Headway

All our blocks are built for Headway, meaning they adhere to strict development standards; are built using Headways block API; and use Headways compiler to ensure the block is loaded efficiently.

Unrestricted usage

All of our blocks are proudly licensed under the GPL, which means you are able to use them on as many sites as you like, without any restrictions whatsoever!


Toolkit Block Index
Toolkit Block Search
Toolkit Blocks Anywhere


Toolkit Blocks Anywhere
Toolkit Block Search
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