Testimonials Plugin for Headway


The easiest way to show off your client testimonials on your Headway site.

Simple contact form

While simple in appearance, the built in contact form handles the validation, includes basic math captcha and is easy to customize.

Live Google maps

Enable the map, add your address and zoom level and you're done. Of course there are more customization options if you need them.

Contact info

Display your contact number, email address, location by filling out some basic options or replace with your own custom markup.

Option for custom form

If you need more fields than the built in form provides, you can always swap it out for a custom form with a shortcode from another form builder.

Highly customizable

Each of the contact sections can be enabled or disabled as needed, allowing you to add just a map or just a contact form as needed.

Easy to style

Everything outputted by the block can be customized in Headways Visual Editor, so you'll have a slick looking contact page in no time.


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