Gallery Plugin for Headway


Easy image gallery with built in slider, image grid, lightbox, carousel and more.

Custom urls

Images in your album can link to custom urls, which can be used to link to anything. You can also choose which elements are linked, such as the title or image.

Touch support

Browsing your gallery on a touch enabled device, you’ll be able to navigate through your images by using the swipe touch gesture. Slider and carousel only.


Display your image title, description, or caption in an overlay which is displayed when you hover over the image. Highly customisable.


Built-in responsive lightbox plugin to display your gallery images. Includes support for Youtube and Vimeo, so the block can be used to create a video library.

Image cropping

In both the grid and slider layouts, the images can be cropped vertically giving them a fixed height. This is especially useful for the slider layout.

Image resizing

Rather than use full size images resized using css, each image is resized to exact dimensions, which ensures that no unnecessary overhead is added to the page.

Image slider

As an added bonus, the block includes a built in Image Slider layout, which is highly configurable and can be used to display both your albums or a specific album.

Grid layout

Both the albums and album views can be displayed as a grid. Customize the number of columns, column/row spacing easily from the block options.

Built-in views

The block has built in views to display a list of your albums, a specific album or media item. This allows you to setup a full blown gallery.

Filtering and ordering

Content stored in WordPress content can be filtered to only display the albums you want to display. Also included are options to customize the ordering of the albums.

Clean markup

We are pedantic about clean code and continuously refine our blocks code to ensure they are as lean as possible. Clean, semantic markup means Search Engines will love your features content!

Built for Headway

All our blocks are built for Headway, meaning they adhere to strict development standards; are built using Headways block API; and use Headways compiler to ensure the block is loaded efficiently.

Unlimited use

All of our blocks are proudly licensed under the GPL, which means you are able to use them on as many sites as you like, without any restrictions whatsoever!

Fast, friendly support

We believe that support is equally important as the product and we always strive to provide our customers with a level of support that we’d like to receive ourselves.


Optimized to work on multiple screen sizes so your content looks great whether you’re on your mobile or desktop. Only kicks in if Headway’s responsive option is enabled.

Highly customizable

Aside from the extensive configuration options, we’ve made it really easy to style the block using Headway’s Design Inspector. Simply point and click to customize.

Quick setup

Our blocks are built so that you hit the road running. No complex setup, just install the block and start using. Lots of built in options to customize to your liking.