MailChimp Plugin for Headway

MailChimp Plugin Setup Guide

This guide will walk you through the steps needed to setup the MailChimp block in Headway. We’ve tried to make the block as easy to use as possible, but if you get stuck at any point, come back and reference this guide.

Written guide

  1. Installing the plugin
  2. Add the Mailchimp block via the Headway Visual Editor
  3. Add your signup form url
  4. Configure your form output
  5. Customizing your form

1.) Installing the plugin

The process of installing the Mailchimp block is like that of any normal WordPress plugin:

Plugins > Add new > Upload > Choose file > Upload

Remember to activate the plugin once it’s installed.

2.) Add the Mailchimp block via the Headway Visual Editor

Now that the plugin is installed, we can proceed to the Headway Visual Editor, to add the Mailchimp block.

Headway > Visual Editor > Grid

Using the grid view of the Visual Editor, you can drag out your new block. Set the block type to Mailchimp.

To configure the block’s settings, click the cog icon to the top right of the block. You’ll then be presented with the block’s options in the bottom options panel.

3.) Add your signup form url

In order to connect your Mailchimp form to the appropriate list, you’ll need to paste in your form url that you saved in the previous tutorial (Getting your Mailchimp Form Url).

4.) Configure your form output

You can easily configure the various aspects of the signup form via the Form Builder tab of the Mailchimp block options.

Video guide